Video Training

Links to video's to help give you and your employee's additional resources for safety training.

TLC also has access to online, interactive training options.

Please consult with a Safety Professional before implementing the concepts discussed in any of these videos.

Distracted Driving Safety Video

Entry-Level Driver Training Evaluation

At the completion of the 4 or 8 week Entry-Level Driver Training Program, this Entry-Level Driver Training Evaluation form must be completed and submitted to TLC.<p>TLC will review the evaluation and upon approval, the new driver may drive on their own.</p>

Entry-Level Driver Training Program

Entry-level training program for new drivers with a minimum of 6 months of driving experience and approval by TLC.<br><br>Training evaluation form must be completed and submitted to TLC in addition to this training program.

Flatbed Safety

Injury Prevention: Part 1 - Introduction

Injury Prevention: Part 2 - Slips/Trips/Falls

Injury Prevention: Part 3 - Material Handling

Injury Prevention: Part 4 - Motor Vehicle Accidents

Manual Pallet Jacks Safety Video

Nighttime Driving Safety Video

Seat Belt Safety Video

Top Dog Safety Brochure

Trailer Door Safety Video

Winter Driving Safety Video